Terms & Conditions (download pdf)

1. Parties

The terms and condition apply to the following parties: Bureau Parafrase established in Tilburg the Netherlands, Registered at the Chamber of Commerce Midden-Brabant under number 65928806 (hence forth called ‘Agency Paraphrase’)

2. General

These terms & conditions are applicable to all deals of Bureau Parafrase, to all contracts that Agency Paraphrase commits, and to all contracts that are concluded afterwards. Agency Paraphrase expressly declines the appliance of any terms & conditions of the client.

3. Quality

Agency Paraphrase is highly committed to deliver a high quality job in accordance with current professional standards and in accordance with the contract and the notes thereto, with compliance of objectives and nature of agency Paraphrase.

4. Secrecy

Both parties are required to disclose any confidential information they obtained in the course of their agreement from each other or from another source. Information is confidential if it is notified by the other party or if this results from the nature of the information.

5. Projects and mutations

An order is accepted by the supplier by either confirm acceptance in writing to the principal or to commence the execution of the work.

5.1 The client is bound by and from the provision of the contract.

5.2 Bureau Parafrase is bound by and from the acceptance of the assignment. Changes in the order after it has been issued, should the client be notified in a timely manner and in writing to Bureau Paraphrase.

5.3 The changes in the assignment of power by and from its acceptance by Agency Paraphrase.

5.4 If the client to Paraphrase Bureau data, drawings etc. provided, Paraphrase Agency may rely on their accuracy and shall base its offer upon them.

5.5 Each quotation and introducing call is optional. A tender will be released in league is optional. He goes to a decision in the competition, but no longer than a month or otherwise.

5.6 The costs of major tenders can be charged. When charged fees will be the principal parties are informed. In all other cases, the proposals delivered property of Agency Paraphrase and are against unauthorized use protected under Article 621, Book 6 of the New Civil Code.

6. Delivery time

6.1 In line between Agency Paraphrase and the client is agreed a delivery in which Office Paraphrase always been assumed that they were known to perform the contract under the conditions as its in issuing the delivery.

6.2 The delivery period starts upon fulfillment of all necessary and agreed conditions for performance of the contract. If the conditions referred to in paragraph prove otherwise, Paraphrase Agency may extend the delivery period by the time that he needs to perform the contract under the changed conditions.

6.3 If Paraphrase Agency is entitled to suspend the delivery time is extended accordingly.

6.4 As long as the contract has not been settled to the satisfaction and / or has not fully paid, all rights remain with Office Paraphrase, even if exceeding the delivery by dispute.

7. Completion

The contract is considered completed if: the client what has been achieved has commissioned, approved, and / or if the customer within seven days after the Agency Paraphrase him written notification that the order is ready, objects to created. The work will also be considered completed if the client remembers his approval for minor manifest errors subject to defects that can be repaired within 30 days and which do not impede the opening of the work.

8. Price

8.1 All price quotations and the prices charged, including VAT, unless explicitly stated or agreed in writing. The prices are based on the time of concluding the agreement applicable cost factors. Deviating cost factors will be correspondingly adjusted bill.

8.2 In agreement between the two parties, Agency Paraphrase and the client will prior to the execution of the contract be determined amount. However, major changes, an adjustment of the price possible. When this occurs, this will be indicated and changed the prices are negotiable.

9. Advices

9.1 The client can not derive any rights from advice from Agency Paraphrase which do not relate to the assignment.

9.2 By advice given Agency Paraphrase are made on the basis of information supplied by the client. Paraphrase agency relies on the accuracy of this information.

10. Intellectual properties

10.1 in the previous paragraph Affairs may without the written consent of Agency Paraphrase whole or copied in part, other than for internal use by the client or shown to third parties, made available or disclosed in any other way, nor the client be used or made available or for the purpose for which they were supplied by Bureau Paraphrase.

10.2 If copyrighted works attribution is required, unless the execution serious objections to exist. These objections must be brought to grant the contract to the knowledge of Agency Paraphrase and accepted by him. The fact that attribution is unusual in a given circumstance, is not predominantly objection.

10.3 When radical change in the delivery concept that does not get the approval of the author, Paraphrase Office may, pursuant to the Copyright Act prohibit the use of his text. In that case the client is obliged to pay for the work done then. If this situation leads to the premature termination of the contract, the client is obliged to pay damages for the unfulfilled portion of the contract. If the client requires a radical change in the concept, this should be in consultation with Bureau Paraphrase, whether or not they will give approval for the desired change.

10.4 Any use of a contribution which has not been agreed, is considered an infringement of copyright. Any infringement Agency Paraphrase to claim compensation of at least five times the agreed salary.

10.5 If no salary has been agreed as agreed salary subject to the usual rate of the author.

10.6 Under “use not agreed ‘means not only reuse without permission, but also deterioration of the contribution.

10.7 The client indemnifies Agency Paraphrase for infringements of intellectual property rights of third parties

10.8 The client is responsible for the presence of valid licenses with regard to him accompanying software.

10.9 The user retains copyrights to the individual elements where it own image creation, programming, is text and picture and sound concepts.

10:10 Designing the user may not be used without the express permission of the user other statements, other than those specified in the contract

11. Payment terms

11.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the following payment schedule: payment within 14 days after (partial) invoice date.

11.2 Regardless of the agreed terms of payment, the client is obliged at the request of an Office Paraphrasing to its discretion to provide sufficient security for payment. If the customer fails to comply within the prescribed period will immediately constitute default. Paraphrase agency has the right to terminate the agreement and recover its damages from the client.

11.3 The right of the client to settle claims against the Office Paraphrase is expressly excluded. The full claim for payment shall be immediately due and payable if: – A payment is exceeded; – The client is bankrupt or in receivership; – The client and company is dissolved or liquidated; – The client as a natural person is placed under guardianship or dies.

11.4 All the collection of amounts invoiced costs involved (including the extrajudicial collection costs) shall be borne by the client. The extrajudicial collection costs amount to at least 15% of the principal with a minimum of € 30, all excluding VAT.

11.5 If Agency Paraphrase and the client become involved in legal proceedings, the costs incurred by the client will be for their own account. When Office Paraphrase in legal proceedings in the Supplier’s favor, all costs he has incurred in connection with these proceedings on behalf of the client.

12. Impractical projects

12.1 Paraphrase Agency has the right to suspend the agreed work if due to circumstances which are beyond his control or which they at the conclusion of the agreement was not aware or could be, temporarily unable to meet its obligations.

12.2 Shortcomings of suppliers, strikes and work stoppages, weather, theft or other forms of loss of materials under different conditions referred to in the previous paragraph.

12.3 If the performance is permanently impossible, the contract can be terminated for that part which is not yet fulfilled. The client in this case is not entitled to compensation as a result of the dissolution damages.


13. Decomposition

13.1 If the client does not properly or timely fulfill any obligation, from the satisfying agreement with Bureau Paraphrase, and in case of bankruptcy, moratorium or receivership of the client or closure or liquidation of the company, Agency Paraphrase entitled to terminate the contract in whole or in part, or to suspend the (further) execution of the agreement. Paraphrase office is in those cases also entitled to immediate payment of the amounts owed to it.

13.2 All this is without prejudice to the other Office Paraphrase rights, including the right to compensation for the damage suffered by the dissolution.

13.3 Office Paraphrase in the case of a dissolution as mentioned in the first paragraph never obliged to pay any damages to the client.

13.4 If the Client also prevents after notice a proper performance by Paraphrase Office, Office Paraphrase right to terminate the agreement.

13.5 Circumstances which constitute a force majeure for Office Paraphrase in any case: conduct or gross negligence, of persons, of whom Desk Paraphrase in performance of the contract; unsuitability of goods, including Office Paraphrase for the execution of the obligation. 13.6 Also in dissolution by mutual consent Office Paraphrase retain his right to compensation for the damage suffered by this dissolution.

14. Liability

14.1 Office Paraphrase is only liable for damages suffered by the client, which is the direct and sole result of an attributable to Office Paraphrase deficiency, provided defined within the applicable deadlines in completion and revision.

14.2 Non recoverable trading loss, loss of income, etc., arising from any cause, as well as damage caused by choices of client initiatives production and settlement process.

14.3 Office Paraphrase is not liable for damage caused by intent or gross negligence of third parties.

14.4 will be moderated damages payable by Bureau Paraphrase, if paid by the client is small in proportion to the extent of the damage suffered by the client.

14.5 With respect to any advice Paraphrase Agency assumes no responsibility.